Botox & Fillers FAQ's

Botox injections is not a painful treatment and there is no need for anaesthetic creams to be applied. There may be a slight stinging sensation at the injection site for a few seconds only. If you have great concerns about possible discomfort, we are happy to discuss your fears and alleviate this where possible.
These treatments may be a bit uncomfortable initially. However, both products contain local anaesthetic which becomes effective once the treatment starts. Anaesthetic cream is usually applied 30 minutes prior to your treatment to further minimize discomfort.
The results will vary depending on the treatment you have had. filler injections can take up to 2 weeks to see the maximum effect, although results may be seen within a few days in some people. The results of dermal fillers are effective immediately although there may be some redness and swelling which will resolve usually within a few days. Sculptra (with the recommended course of treatment) become more effective gradually, taking a period of 6 – 8 months to see the maximum results. Following each treatment of Sculptra, effects will be seen subtly and gradually rather than immediately.
Your skin will be red, as though moderately sunburnt and it may feel tight and warm. This is normal following the treatment. You will be given a specific cream to use at home for 3 days which will help to heal the skin and boost collagen production.
Flying is not a problem after 2-3 days and after any side effects have resolved.
It is generally advised not to go to the gym on the day of the treatment. However, you may continue your normal routine once the skin has settled down and you are more comfortable.
We advise that you do not have any facials, facial massage or electrical facial treatment for 2 weeks after your treatment.
This will depend on the product used and the quantity. We are happy to discuss your requirements in a free consultation prior to your treatment.

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What is the ideal age for Botox?

There is no recommended age. The recommended age differs because everyone’s muscles present differently. If someone at the age of 21 has visible dynamic lines that are causing a problem, then I will treat that person, however, if another 21-year-old comes in without any visible lines – I would decline to treat them.

Most experts agree that Botox can also be a preventative measure for some younger clients, ‘It preserves the skin and stops lines developing,’ explains Spyrou. ‘Botox softens and temporarily freezes the muscles, which means the treated area will stay flat. If you can’t physically frown, then over time, the line will smooth out.’ That being said, there's a lack information about the long term effects of starting Botox at a younger age. "The long term safety data in these treatments is usually focussed on older individuals.

What Botox dosage do i need?

The Botox dosage required depends from person to person. Each person and area has to be assessed very carefully. Botox treatment should always be carried out be a qualified experienced beautician.

Can i exercise, after my Botox treatment?

No!. The Botox solution takes 20 minutes to settle in your muscles. We advise you to stay upright for this period. We advise you do not to undertake exercises that are too strenuous. Carefully wash my face when and if you need to. Do not scrub or rub too hard.

Will i have bruising after my Botox treatment?

Post treatment will leave a little redness on the treated area. Although the redness will soon fade. In very rare cases you could have a headache after your Botox treatment. If you do experience a headache for longer than 48 hours, or any other symptoms like nausea or visual disturbances (although rare) you are advised to contact your practitioner.

How long until i see results from my Botox treatment?

Some people wrongly believe Botox results are immediate. They’re not.

You’ll start to see an effect after 3-5 days, however, it may take two weeks for maximum results to kick in.

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So happy with the botox treatment. Rukhsana was reassuring, gentle, professional and informative 🙂
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A really accommodating and professional salon. My medical treatment could't have gone better! Keep up the good work!
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Looking for friendly, experienced staff who will inform and offer guidance....then look no further.
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I was very impressed by Crawley Botox Clinic, the staff are qualified I could tell and felt the difference when had my treatment.
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