Hand rejuvenation

Hands reveal our age. Although there are many aesthetic improvements for the face, neck and body, until recently satisfactory treatments for the hands have been left behind. Fortunately, today, there are numerous techniques that can be used turn back the clock for aging hands.

Our hands are continuously subjected to the damaging effects of the environment, and these everyday strains of wear and tear can have a significant effect on their premature aging over time.

Long-term exposure to sun can leave brownish discolorations spots. Skin becomes thinner with advancing years. Veins at the back of hands become dilated and more visible. The walls of the blood vessels become more fragile, and blood cells can leak through them after minor injuries. The degradation products from these leaked cells can stain the skin yellowish-brown. With aging we lose fat and skin thickness, which makes the hands look bony and unattractive. The small joints of hands undergo wear and tear, and this can cause the knuckles to become thickened and unsightly.

The treatment

Radiesse is a dermal filler that we only use for the hands. It has proven results in plumping and volumising sagging skin that comes with ageing. Patients can see results from anything between 9-15 months before even considering getting a top-up.

IPL can be used to remove brown spots or lesions from the hands, too.