Woman told she looks like something out of Monsters Inc.

Crawley botox treatment crawley 2019

Crawley botox Crawley sussex 2019Shauna took the plunge and paid for 1ml of filler to be injected into her lips

A woman who has been bullied online for getting lip fillers is speaking out in an attempt to end the cruelty

At the age of 20, Shauna Sargeant took the plunge and paid for 1ml of filler to be injected into her lips.

The young woman had spent years feeling insecure about the size of her lips and was finally ready to do something about it.

So she splashed out £230 for the injection and has since had four more injections, spending a total of £1,250 so far.

The make-up artist is thrilled with the results of the filler , but not everyone has been kind about her new appearance.

The now 22-year-old has been subjected to bullying, as trolls online call her a “train wreck” for having a “trout pout”.

Shauna revealed how this has impacted her confidence to Metro.co.uk.

She said: “My appearance is very important to me so seeing someone ridicule it, it’s taken very personally.

“When I see those posts, I start shaking and my anxiety goes through the roof.

“People that go and get their lips done have obviously had insecurities about that so to pick up on that and make fun of it is a really low blow.”

For Shauna, the cruel comments are a daily occurance.

“It’s a daily thing, I see it all the time,” she admits. “I’m in a make-up group where I post my pictures and everyone is so supportive but my photos are being stolen.

“It’s happening to me and so many girls, we’re being slated.

She describes the bullying as “disgusting” and says it’s “totally uncalled for”.

As well as being Shauna Sargeant took the plunge and paid for 1ml of filler to be injected into her lips, one person even went as far as to compare her to something out of the Pixar film, Monsters Inc

She explained: “One person said my lips look like I’ve had the screams sucked out of me like in Monsters Inc.

Crawley botox treatment crawley“That’s nothing to do with my make-up, it’s actually just mocking my face.”

Shauna believes the reason people are so cruel to her comes down to “jealousy”.

She suggests people might be “bitter” that they lack the confidence to go out and try new looks like she does.

But despite everything, she refuses to let the haters stop her from enjoying her new lips and hopes that by sharing her experiences she’ll inspire people to stop trolling others online.

She added: “I’m so sick of seeing people tear each other down.

“At the end of the day, you are your own biggest critic and you’ve probably said worse to yourself than anything anyone else can ever say to you.

“The only one living your life is you and the only one who can make you happy is you, so I won’t let them get in between me and my love of make-up or my lips.”

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